How To Promote Your Book Without Spending A Lot Of Money

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Do you want to become a published author, gain instant prestige and recognition, or grow your business? Whether you have already written your book but you are wondering how to get it published and/or promoted, you are already in the process of writing a book, or you are still considering writing a book then the Self-Publishing School by Chandler Bolt would be a great choice.

There are 3 main parts to the training:

  1. First is how to sit down and start getting your book written
  2. Second is how to get your book published with the best outcome from the very start of publication
  3. and Third is how to get your book promoted in a way that it makes a bang!

Fill out the form to the right (or below depending on your browser) to get my FREE PDF on How To Promote Your Book full of amazing tips and ideas to get you moving in the right direction. Remember that while you are planning on publishing your book you also need to be getting started with your book’s promotion. Now, not later. The sooner the better.

Some of the many benefits of this program:

⇒You keep 100% of your royalties

⇒You can get 1-on-1 coaching throughout your writing journey

⇒Go from blank page to published author in 90 days (instead of 2+ years)

⇒The ONLY publisher with a bestseller guarantee

⇒One of the largest and most active community of writers and self-published authors online

⇒You will learn how to effortlessly publish your book on Amazon’s Kindle and to other online book retailers through Smashwords.

⇒You will have a book cover that converts

⇒Save 50 – 90% of publishing costs

⇒You keep 100% of the profits instead of losing 85% with a traditional publisher

⇒Learn a proven process that can be repeated for every future book you write

⇒Weekly, live “Ask Me Anything” calls with bestselling authors and experts

⇒Sell more books in less time – and keep 100% of the profits

⇒The BEST customer support in the industry

⇒You’ll learn how to use the popular platform Createspace to also produce physical copies of your book.


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