How To Promote Your Book Without Spending A Lot Of Money

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The MOST Important Step In Promoting Your Book!

Are You Missing Out On A Lot Of Readers?

Did you know that many newly published authors lose a large percentage of possible readers because they don’t have their own website available? A large part of this is because authors need to build an email list, but in order to do that they need a website (read our article HERE to learn more about the need to build an email list). So much of your personal brand is built around your online presence. In fact, everything you do, say, post, comment or share on the Internet represents your brand. With your own website, building your brand online is easy.

There Are Three Major Reasons Why You Need A Website

First, you need to have a place where your perspective new readers to be able to read more about your book… and about you.

Second, they can also find out about your upcoming books. Because like so many authors have told me, the best way to promote your first book, is by writing another, and another…  Writing a series is ideal.

Third, once you get people visiting your website you want to get them to sign up to be on your email list. This way you can tell them about:

  1. Special promos you will be running
  2. When your next book will be coming out
  3. And especially to ask them to review your book early. This is the best way to get a high ranking on Amazon when your book is released (to learn more about this tactic, sign up for the Self-Publishing Course HERE).

Because, really, mailing lists are THE MOST POWERFUL tool an author can use to sell more books.


Continue reading as we break this down into finer points.


♦ You Need To Have a Mailing List

  1. Mailing lists are the most powerful tool an author can use
  2. It enables you to launch your book successfully
  3. It also enables you to get reviews for your book early

But… In order to have a mailing list you need a website…

It’s Time To Realize The Necessity Of Your Own Website

It Is Absolutely Necessary That You Create Your Own Website, Your Own BRAND, because without it how are you going to get the word out about your book? Because on your site is where you can keep your readers up to date on your triumphs, your tragedies, your small daily victories, your milestones, your stumbling blocks… Whatever personal details you would like to share with them.

You Have To Stay In Touch With Your Readers

The more people know about you as an author, the more likely they are going to be interested in your current or upcoming book as well as any new ones that you are working on. So the need to be blogging is paramount in this day and age of the internet (are you starting to get an idea of why I call this the MOST important step in promoting your book? And when you consider that your own website costs less than a decent cup of coffee each month… it’s a no-brainer!)

Don’t Depend On Amazon To Help Out

Because remember, if you only send your readers to the link of your book in Amazon, you don’t get their email address, you can’t stay in touch with them, and you can’t suggest that they buy your book as a gift for a friend, or to be on the lookout for your next book, or any other information that you would like to share with your faithful fans. Amazon will NOT be sharing this information with you. They keep it all to themselves!

In As Little As 15 Minutes You Can Have Your Own Domain Name!

A Great Example

Consider the case of Wayne Stinnett, (one of my personal favorite authors). He realized the need for a website,, where he can share with his readers about upcoming books. Not only that, but he also has an online store where he sells merchandise relating to his books. These are his “Upsells” or “Bumpsells” that are part of the reason to have your own site. Because without your own site you would not be able to increase your sales in this way. He sends me, as well as all of his other book-loving fans, occasional emails letting us know about his upcoming new releases, any specials that he is having on his current books, as well as a link to his merchandise store. (Is this giving you ideas for your own website? Creating a webstore with merchandise that you have made by TeeSpring, etc. to sell in your online store? I hope it is!) Do you think Wayne would have been able to do all of that if he depended only on book promotion websites, or Kindle reviews or book marketing research alone? No way! 

By the way, if you are concerned that trying to build your own website is going to be too much hassle, then CLICK HERE for our post “Is Building A Website Too Much Effort?” about some other methods to get your own website without the fuss.

And if you absolutely cannot afford the $72 or so a year to begin with a Bluehost website (although it’s really on the cost of a decent cup of coffee month!) then CLICK HERE  to go to Namecheap which has hosting for less than half the price. Namecheap doesn’t provide the same level of hosting that Bluehost does, but it’s still a decent hosting platform, and it’s less than half the price of Bluehost. When you CLICK for Namecheap, go to the top menu, choose “Hosting” then choose “Shared Hosting”. I would suggest the mid-level plan called “Stellar Plus” or “Stellar Business”. They both provide the best bang for the buck.

***Here’s How To Get Started With Bluehost***

Step One: Click Here To Get Started Then Click “Get Started Now” 


Step Two: Search For Your Domain Name (enter .com, like this; Your Domain .com (without the spaces). Right now it’s not that important what domain name you set up, because you can always add more to it later. But, if you are looking for your Brand Name now, make sure it’s a .COM domain! You want everyone to be able to find your site easily, and if someone else has the .com domain, they will end up with some of your traffic! And do not make your main domain Brand Name the same as your book title, because what happens when you write another book? Make the domain your own name, or something that you want to be known for no matter how many books you write.


For Me I Would Use Or Something Similar


Next You Would Type In The Domain Name You Are Searching For In The “New Domain” Side



If You Want To Choose A Domain Later… Use This Popup That Will Show Up Shortly After A Few Seconds



Step Three: Choose Your AddOns, Bonuses and Pay Plan… You can decide which plan and AddOns work best for you.



Your Pricing Plan Will Be Between $71.40 (12 Month Plan) and $142.20 (36 Month Plan) If You Followed These Directions (Although There Are Occasional Prices Changes For Various Reasons)


(If you need more help, click HERE to be directed to Bluehost’s help page)


Step Four: Once you have set up your domain name you are ready to begin designing your website. If you are hesitant to get involved in the logistics of designing your own site, then I suggest that you CLICK HERE to visit our page “Is Building A Website Too Much Effort?” for other, easier methods.

You can keep your website as basic as you would like, or you can jazz it up to be as dazzling as you like… It’s all up to you. But here are some suggestions on how to add some pizzazz to your Brand site.

◊ Write Sales Copy

Learn how to write powerful sales copy (get your Copywrite Class Info Here), or Hire someone to write it for you (go to Hirewriters HERE to have your sales copy written for you). This is an essential item. You absolutely need excellent sales copy to sell your book. Make sure the copy includes all the reasons your target audience needs your book, and the benefits they will derive from buying it.

◊  Create Graphics

Beautiful graphics have the power to instantly convey the quality and value of your E-Book. Graphics can also convey the amount of valuable information the book contains, and your careful attention to detail. Professional graphics sell professional books. They reassure the customer that the product is what it claims to be. Use graphics in your promotional materials or Hire someone to design graphics for you (go to Fiverr HERE to have your graphics designed for you).

  Give Something Away

Consider excerpting chapters for articles. You can offer these tidbits for free on your website as a sort of demo of your book. Include an order form for your E-Book at the end of the excerpted articles. Using book promotion websites helps in this aspect.

◊  Send Out Emails

Once your website is up and running, the next step is to get emails out to your loyal fans by signing up with an auto-responder company. It takes all the guess work out about who to send which email and you will find out how many of those emails were actually opened instead of deleted. My auto-responder of choice is Aweber. They make it easy to setup email responses (Watch The Video Below). Unfortunately if you depend only on your website for promotion you are losing a lot of loyal fans. Send them emails to tell them where you are in your writing process, ask them to Beta read your newly created chapters. In short, get them involved in you and your book(s). They will love it.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

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